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PHP – A Server-Side Scripting Language at Home on the Web

PHP traces its roots to the 1994 brainchild of Rasmus Lerdorf. What began as a utility program designed to streamline some of his tasks is, today, installed on more than a million servers and is the driving force behind more than 20 million web sites.

PHP, a server-side scripting language, is capable of creating a dynamic web experience in a way that is simple and straightforward for the programmer. It offers a full set of tools that make it an extremely powerful language. It is an easy matter to embed PHP into HTML code, thus, extending the capabilities of HTML. This explains its popularity among programmers.

Because PHP is commonly loaded and running on a web server, PHP is able to do its job that much more quickly. This allows your site to respond to requests faster which provides a more user-friendly experience for site visitors. This means that more interactive features can be included on a web site without significant loss of time spent waiting for a programming task to be completed.

Choosing PHP is a good call.

Because of its flexibility and power, features like email forms, shopping carts, and interactive methods of communication are possible. Static web sites are a thing of the past. Today's Internet presence has to communicate, effectively, with users, or they will not return. PHP gives you the ability to get creative and respond to user needs. Our programmers have the expertise to make this happen. All you need to do is tell us what you want.

Constructing a website in PHP gives you the ability to design a fully functional web site that will do everything you envision. Our programmers are familiar with the capabilities of PHP and can use it to your best advantage. Selecting PHP gives us the opportunity to develop a flexible, dynamic, visually appealing web presence for your company. We selected this language with you, the client, in mind.