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A Review of Social Media CMS Boonex Dolphin

Since 2011, Facebook had been earning billions of dollars annually and by 2016, the social networking site would earn $12 Billion. That’s $1.5 - $2 billion rise every turn of the year. This is why Facebook is not just a way of life; it is business – good business. From ads, spam, users, etc. Facebook is one mean earning machine which is why entrepreneurs, online enthusiasts and the like are looking for the next big thing in social networking.

However, it takes more than just a college dropout to build a good site that would encourage social interaction amongst its users. You would need dedication, skill and an awful lot of time to fully muster a good social media site and you are only halfway there! Among the first thing you need to do is find tools that can help you manage your site’s functionality and interface for your users – the master control of your website.

You would need a unified control of everything that goes in and out of your social media site. An intelligent program that would enable you to moderate and administrate content and help you manage thousands, if not, millions of users for your site.

What is Boonex Dolphin?

Boonex Dolphin is the all-in-one social media managing tool that we are talking about. It is a program that helps site moderators and administrators in managing the social site in terms of content and platforms. It is tried and tested software that had been used by many social media sites for years.

Derived from the idea of dolphins, Boonex Dolphin is creative, fast, fearless and intelligent software which gives you total control of your social media platform. It comes in with many features and functionality to help you manage your website even faster and cost-efficient.

All you need are good ideas, intermediate to advanced knowledge in programming and a huge drive for success, Boonex Dolphine will be able to help you build your social media network. In any niche or community-based social media you got in mind, the program has infinite potential in terms of design and functionality with 36 modules and 2000 features for your site.

For web administrators who are always on the go, Boonex Dolphin is also available on your mobile phone by downloading it through our website. You can now manage and make changes to your social media site while you are away as long as you have internet connection. Boonex Dolphin is customizable depending on your ideas in social media. From forming an adult social networking website to multimedia sharing page, Boonex Dolphin got your back.

Boonex Dolphin is available for free or with several licenses starting at $99 and can go higher. It may sound a little bit pricey but it would be a small amount to sacrifice for something that is way larger than the monthly expense. Think of how your project can get you with a little bit of investment on your time and money plus creativity, you could be the next big thing around the Internet with Boonex Dolphin.

Though the free edition offers an array of services, licenses enable more options for your social media site. This review however is more focused on the free community edition to give you an idea of how this small program can help boost your plans in your social media campaign.

Boonex Dolphin Menu Options

The Boonex Dolphin is a user-friendly app that gives you a unified control over your social media site. If you are using the free community edition, you will have a limited number of options but they still are pretty cool to use. Listed below are the following basic menu options and Boonex Dolphin tools:

Facebook Connect. This option enables your users to directly connect your social media site to their facebook account. This helps logging in and out and signing up easier for your website. It also gives them credibility that your social media site is acquainted with facebook.
Polls. Polls play an entertaining and quantitative role in social media. You can opt for users to answer your poll questions regarding a certain topic (which is really helpful for specific-niche online communities) or enables them to post their own polls as well.
Shoutbox. A shoutbox is an avenue where in your users can type in their “status” to the public. It is a user’s way of saying “hi” to his/her friend/followers and enabling social contact for them online.
Simple messenger. This enables private messages to be sent from user to user. Chat and messaging enables communication amongst your users therefore giving them a more “social” and personal experience using your site.
Spy. This Boonex Dolphin option which you can enable certain users to see specific content or profiles of other users. This is a great app if you are considering paid membership for your users.
Flash Apps. This menu options lets your users share photos, post videos and any multimedia data that can be shared on your site. It also enables video chat within your users; all you need to do is set which ones can be activated and you are good to go.
Ads. Advertisements in social media can be pretty annoying but it helps your website to earn. What you can do is control the number of ads per page of your social media website. Never post too much ads on otherwise you could lose users in no less than a month.
Articles. Content is very important in building a social media site. If you are building a blogging platform then the “Articles” menu option would be really helpful. It lets your user’s post long and detailed information to your website. It comes in with WYSIWYG and tagging options for your users.
Avatars. Let your users create their own avatars while browsing online. You can either make it as a custom image or profile picture when they sign up or build another community revolving on avatars, it’s your choice!
Custom RSS. Enable your users to add their own RSS feeds about their own website or shared links. This can add to more users because of its potential SEO-friendly platform but opens more doors to spam.

To be honest, the list above is just the basic menu options that you could get out of the free Boonex Dolphin edition. You can open your doors to something more ideas and possibilities for your social media project.

How to Install Boonex Dolphin

What is great about Boonex Dolphin is that it is pretty easy to install unlike other softwares used in the market. It is simple, fast and can be operated by anyone who knows their way to a computer. To install a Boonex Dolphin, you would need the following steps.

Download the application online. Once you get the .exe file you can run it and install your Boonex Dolphin application.
After the installation screen, it will prompt you to the “Permissions” page where you can configure permissions from your hosts. If there are still some restrictions, you can make some changes around it.
You would also need to figure out the Paths for your new social networking site such as files, folders, URL’s, etc.
The next step to the process is to determine your site name, credentials, administration and emails that you would need as you go along.
After setting up your “Permissions”, “Paths “and “Configurations” for your social site, Boonex Dolphin will route you to a default theme of your website. Of course, you don’t want it to look like that so you might want to edit a few features and themes according to your taste. The default setting helps you navigate around the site and test out a few stuff. It lets you see everything clearly so that you would know the changes made.
If you want to further customize your social media site, you can go to the Boonex Dolphin Admin to start editing your entire content, themes and photos and applications that your members are going to be using.
The “members” option within the “Admin” enables you to see who is currently signed up. You may not see a lot but don’t worry, once you get started in marketing your social site, you can modify and make changes to this page as well. There is also a “ban” option that you can implement for a group or an individual who are committing malicious activities such as spamming, etc.

Now that we are ready, you can begin using Boonex Dolphin even in the comforts of your own home. With these easy steps, you can fully customize your user experience and deliver a friendly, social media site for your users.

User Issues with Boonex Dolphin

Although Boonex Dolphin can be your best friend in building your very own social media site, it is not perfect. You may find several issues while using the software. Because of the number of options and apps that web administrators can install with Boonex Dolphin, users may get a little confused and have trouble finding their way around your website. For those who are SEO conscious, it is also hard to input in dynamic Meta tags that would help your site be more search engine-friendly.

Another issue that is very important in social networking sites is the chat feature. It tends to take up resource usage on your server which can cause further issues on your site. If you also have an existing social media site and would like to integrate Boonex Dolphin, you would be surprised how your rankings would drop. This is normal however, any changes made within the website – including CMS changes, would affect any SEO efforts you have in the past. You can expect this to happen even if you are not using Boonex Dolphin.

It takes time to get accustomed to new software, especially if it involves a social media site project you are working on. It is highly encouraged that you use it as often as you have to and experiment more on your site to make it work for you. It can be a hard start but if you want further improvement on your site, you would need to learn more about its features and benefits and use them to your advantage.


Boonex Dolphin is one of the many social media CMS that is designed to give you a more customizable experience with your users. With over 2000 applications for your members, you can make it into any social media platform you could think of. You can build community based sites, dating and niche-specific social media through the many options that are available for your users.

Because of its many features and options, there is a huge tendency that users may get lost on your website however, you will have the power to enable and disable these menus to complete a good user experience. It really does sound ironic that because of its many menus and options, your website could go from social media site to a crammed space.

Setting a new high in CMS programming, Boonex Dolphin is a great rival for Drupal and Elgg. While these have their own advantages, Boonex excels more on managing user accounts for your social media numbers. Because of its custom dating platform, users can match up and create couple profiles plus matched zodiac signs. It also lets your members fully customize their profiles with photos, videos and other multimedia accepted in the network.

For a social media platform, Boonex Dolphin would be 8.5 out of 10. It is not a perfect software to use but once you get accustomed to its menus and options available, it is a great addition to your workforce and content management system. As a core CMS, you may have some difficulties but for social media platforms on your site, your investment is worth the while.

Who knows? You could be building the next big thing in social media that could rival Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in the future. All you need is determination, skill and push, with Boonex Dolphin, your site would soon be a profitable social media site.